Fireman Faith

Are you easily lead to do things without faith? Or do you have true faith? In this episode, the Street Professor educates us on the difference between regular faith and fireman faith. You have to be ready at all times for whatever may come your way, good or bad, opportunity or challenge. Have the faith the size of a mountain and when the alarm sounds be ready to move on the next thing that comes. 

Your Passion Will Lead to Your Purpose

Does your Passion lead you to your purpose? Do you even know what that means? If you are not on fire and working towards your dreams and your aspirations, you must know that it has to lead you to somewhere and something. In this episode, take heed and really home in to what your passion is and what you are focusing on. If it’s not benefiting you, then its not helping you to get to your purpose. Find your purpose through your passion.


No Glory, No Story

Have you ever went through something and asked yourself , “Why is this happening to me?” Well I can understand where you are coming from. One thing we have to realize is that everything that we go through is a test and it’s making us stronger. But if there is no glory, then there is no story. Everything you have gone through is preparing you for such a time as this. So I challenge you to use that as your testimony and rise up to be fearless and a warrior. If you don’t give up, you will win. 

Use it or Lose it

85% of Americans are dissatisfied with their job. What are you doing to reach and accomplish your goals and dreams? Are you compromising your gift? Think about it. The Street Professor drops jewels on how to Use it and not Lose it. it’s very important that you stay focused and keep your eye on the prize. If you are caught up in what you are going through and not focused on creating something for yourself, you will lose it. 

The Money Game 101: Taxes

Do you like paying taxes? I am sure your answer would be ‘No’. Benjamin Franklin said there are only two things in life that are certain and they are death and taxes. Did you know that there are 3 forms of taxes? Well once you hear this episode, decide which tax column you would prefer to be in. Only here at Holla At a Scholar you get fed information what the wealthy already knows. It’s time for the Money Game 101. Let’s do it.

If you don’t Pray, you will be Prey

Listen very closely people. The number one trick from the enemy is for you to not be guarded each day. You have learn to pray throughout the day to protect yourself and your family. So if you do not pray, you will be subject to being the victim of any and a everything out there that is set to attack you and defeat you. Bottom line if you don’t pray, you will be pray.

Diet – Let’s Break it Down

In this Episode, Rory breaks down the word Diet. Yes it may sound very familiar to you but in this podcast, you will hear it from a different perspective that will make you really think about what decisions you will make in the future. Whether for family, business or relationship, it’s important that you maintain a proper diet in life.