Discover Your Mission, Legacy and Purpose with Pastor Anthony McFarland

Here’s food for thought. What is your Mission? Or better yet what do you want your Legacy to be? How about your Purpose right now? Well, if you haven’ t figured out your mission, legacy and purpose, you need to watch this episode of Holla At a Scholar. Our special guest Pastor Anthony McFarland who is Founder of Abundant Harvest Lift Church in Pasadena CA tailors a “right now word” for every person who is seeking to fulfill their purpose and mission on this planet.

McFarland makes his debut as Author with his book “Leading while Bleeding: Overcoming Obstacles That Can Hinder Your Success. Pastor McFarland is a Spiritual Advisor, Life Coach and Husband and Father. He is the best person to educate you and teach you how to go after your mission in life. He is also the Host of a New Podcast titled “A Better You” which you can find on all platforms Spotify, iTunes and google podcasts.

Let’s Talk About Black America with Rob Redding

Watch my live interview with America’s #1 Rated Talk Show Host, Best Selling Author Rob Redding. We are talking about Black America. Redding is also a Professor, Media Proprietor and independent journalist. He is known as the founder and publisher of Redding News Review. In 2003, he was among few blacks to be named to Talkers Magazine’s “100 Most Important Radio Talk Show Hosts in America” and has received a proclamation for his work by the Atlanta City Council the same year.

He made history being the only black program director in white-dominated talk radio station in 2009. His web site Redding News Review has earned three consecutive Black Web Awards. He currently runs the web’s oldest black news aggregation outlet and first and most successful stand-alone subscriber-based web site and talk show.


What Does the Wealthy Know That I Don’t Know?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? My Special Guest Douglas Eze is a Certified Financial Fiduciary and Author. His vision is to provide individuals and small business owners with the education and guidance needed to achieve financial freedom. As a wealth strategist and award-winning insurance producer, Douglas Eze believes in helping his clients find money in places they may be throwing it away unknowingly and unnecessarily. Learn what the wealthy knows so you can be set up properly.

“If you are born poor, it’s not your mistake, but if you die poor it is your mistake.” Bill Gates

Learn How to Get Prepared for the Coronavirus | Dr. Gary Shlifer

Learn how to get Prepared for the Coronavirus with my Special Guest Dr. Gary Shlifer on Holla At a Scholar Podcast. Check out this groundbreaking interview.Wow, I learned so much on how to protect yourself all the way from what vitamins to take, from what foods to eat during this time so your immune system is strong, from how to take care of yourself while you are in your home and more. Dr. Gary Shlife is Founder of Evolve Healthcare in Woodland Hills, CA and has been practicing medicine and health for over 10 years.

Estate Planning

Do you have Estate Planning in place? Do you own a home? Or how about a guardianship for your kids? Well in this episode of Holla At a Scholar, Rory goes through the importance of not having estate planning and how not having it will create a huge problem for you and your family. Get your house in order and get the things that you need in place. Power of Attorney, Healthcare Directive and more.


Ever wonder if maybe you could be addicted? Not addicted to any drug or substance but maybe to the way you live, your condition, procrastination or laziness? How about being fearful, having anxiety or bad habits? Are you addicted to food or over eating? Well in this episode of Holla at a Scholar, the street professor lays it out on the line about how addiction can come in many different ways. Don’t be so quick to judge others for their own issues before you identify and correct your issues.

Why Don’t You Create Your Own Bank!!

Ever thought about starting your own bank? Yes, I said bank. You know, the institution that most Americans put their money in. Well if most banks are safe, how is it possible that a company can levy your account? Or how is it possible that you could only get up to $250,000 insured through the FDIC? It’s important that we educate ourselves about the bank and even consider creating our own bank. How do you create your own bank?

In this episode of Holla At a Scholar, learn where the rich are putting their money so their money can grow and never get to zero. I’m giving you some Million dollar game for FREE so pay close attention. 

Artificial Intelligence (A.I)

Are you trading your time for money? Did you know that 9 Million jobs are going to be displaced in America due to Artificial Intelligence? If you do not prepare yourself for what’s about to go down, you are literally going to catch Hell! Get on board and make a move now. Learn what you have to do to prepare yourself for the new industry. The Street Professors is preparing you how to survive.

H.O.M.E with Maani Edwards

Former VP of Urban Music at Universal Music Publishing is the one & only Music Man Maani Edwards. Anyone that’s in the music business highly respects his creativity and skills identifying the next Hot talent. Maani was very instrumental in so many platinum artists careers. The Street Scholar and Maani talks about the the History of Music Everywhere (H.O.M.E). If you are an Entrepreneur or if you are in the music game, you don’t want to miss this dynamic conversation.

What are your birthing?

Have you been believing in something and working on something but it hasn’t come to fruition yet? In this episode, we are being coached on how to birth what’s inside of you. And if its been longer than 9 months, that means there are some supernatural things out there that are waiting for you to birth.