Discover Your Mission, Legacy and Purpose with Pastor Anthony McFarland

Here’s food for thought. What is your Mission? Or better yet what do you want your Legacy to be? How about your Purpose right now? Well, if you haven’ t figured out your mission, legacy and purpose, you need to watch this episode of Holla At a Scholar. Our special guest Pastor Anthony McFarland who is Founder of Abundant Harvest Lift Church in Pasadena CA tailors a “right now word” for every person who is seeking to fulfill their purpose and mission on this planet.

McFarland makes his debut as Author with his book “Leading while Bleeding: Overcoming Obstacles That Can Hinder Your Success. Pastor McFarland is a Spiritual Advisor, Life Coach and Husband and Father. He is the best person to educate you and teach you how to go after your mission in life. He is also the Host of a New Podcast titled “A Better You” which you can find on all platforms Spotify, iTunes and google podcasts.

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