Why Don’t You Just Quit


Check out this on-point podcast segment about quitting. 

There are 15 days left before 2021. Nothing can be done right? The year is already over right? Let’s see. The Scholar talks about quitting on today’s podcast and his outlook on it. He goes in depth on the philosophy of quitting and offers a new insight on the act of quitting. 


Discover Your Mission, Legacy and Purpose with Pastor Anthony McFarland


Here’s food for thought. What is your Mission? Or better yet what do you want your Legacy to be? How about your Purpose right now? Well, if you haven’ t figured out your mission, legacy and purpose, you need to watch this episode of Holla At a Scholar. Our special guest Pastor Anthony McFarland who is Founder of Abundant Harvest Lift Church in Pasadena CA tailors a “right now word” for every person who is seeking to fulfill their purpose and mission on this planet.

McFarland makes his debut as Author with his book “Leading while Bleeding: Overcoming Obstacles That Can Hinder Your Success. Pastor McFarland is a Spiritual Advisor, Life Coach and Husband and Father. He is the best person to educate you and teach you how to go after your mission in life. He is also the Host of a New Podcast titled “A Better You” which you can find on all platforms Spotify, iTunes and google podcasts.

Let’s Talk About Black America with Rob Redding


Watch my live interview with America’s #1 Rated Talk Show Host, Best Selling Author Rob Redding. We are talking about Black America. Redding is also a Professor, Media Proprietor and independent journalist. He is known as the founder and publisher of Redding News Review. In 2003, he was among few blacks to be named to Talkers Magazine’s “100 Most Important Radio Talk Show Hosts in America” and has received a proclamation for his work by the Atlanta City Council the same year.

He made history being the only black program director in white-dominated talk radio station in 2009. His web site Redding News Review has earned three consecutive Black Web Awards. He currently runs the web’s oldest black news aggregation outlet and first and most successful stand-alone subscriber-based web site and talk show.


What Does the Wealthy Know That I Don’t Know?


Have you ever asked yourself this question? My Special Guest Douglas Eze is a Certified Financial Fiduciary and Author. His vision is to provide individuals and small business owners with the education and guidance needed to achieve financial freedom. As a wealth strategist and award-winning insurance producer, Douglas Eze believes in helping his clients find money in places they may be throwing it away unknowingly and unnecessarily. Learn what the wealthy knows so you can be set up properly.

“If you are born poor, it’s not your mistake, but if you die poor it is your mistake.” Bill Gates

Learn How to Get Prepared for the Coronavirus | Dr. Gary Shlifer


Learn how to get Prepared for the Coronavirus with my Special Guest Dr. Gary Shlifer on Holla At a Scholar Podcast. Check out this groundbreaking interview.Wow, I learned so much on how to protect yourself all the way from what vitamins to take, from what foods to eat during this time so your immune system is strong, from how to take care of yourself while you are in your home and more. Dr. Gary Shlife is Founder of Evolve Healthcare in Woodland Hills, CA and has been practicing medicine and health for over 10 years.

Couples in Business Together | Andrea Douglas


Are you in business with your better half or your spouse? I am sure it’s not an easy task and can be one of the hardest things to collaborate in life. In this episode of Holla at a scholar, I am giving you a treat with my wife as my special guest. She is on fire and giving it to you with no chaser. All the couples doing business together need to hear this and be prepared to take copious notes to unlock the secrets to having a healthy relationship along with a healthy family and business relationship. A family that prays together stays together and will ultimately grow and build together. Welcome to my world of being in business with my better half.  

How To Victoriously Come Out of Depression | Jeremiah Odeh


During a time of disparity, economic downturn and unemployment rates dropping through the roof, people are wavering the pain of depression, stress and frustration. The human mind has a capability of being on overload and depression is one of the main things that causes death. Jeremiah Odeh is an unorthodox Pastor of Supernatural Life International Ministries (SLIM) based out of Atlanta GA. He is also the founder of J. Odeh Collezione, LLC. a contemporary fashion brand. Born in Texas; raised in Nigeria; and educated in Atlanta, Georgia Jeremiah Odeh studied theology to attain his ministerial and pastoral license and expanding his expertise attaining a degree as a professional Fashion Designer. Jeremiah’s goal is to leave a long-lasting impact on the universe through his businesses and ministries before he exits this world.

In this episode of Holla At a Scholar, Jeremiah gives us tools on three important things that will uplift us during this time and bring us back to that happy place. Depression is the number one silent killer in our society and with the economy in shingles and people losing their retirement and jobs, depression can can also cause one to commit suicide. You will enjoy this episode!


Control Your Mind


Ever thought who is controlling your mind? You know, when you starting overthinking or under thinking, someone or something is actually taking over your mind. Your mind is a powerful tool. You have to stay positive and began to speak great things in your life. If you are feeling down, start thinking positive. Tell yourself you are the head and not the tail; you are more than a conqueror and you will be successful and win. We must learn to control our mind and take over our thoughts and not be destroyed by what comes our way.

Stock Market Corrects itself


Do you put your faith in the stock market? Are you controlling your money or does the market control your money? Well you better get educated on how your retirement is in the hands of a very risky machine. Keep in mind this machine can break you or it can make you. Once you put all your faith in it, you will risk losing and you risk gaining. In this episode of Holla at a Scholar, your street professor breaks down what’s on the market and what’s not from stocks, 401(k)s, 403(b)s and more. Why is it important to be neutral and save your money and not invest in a downward market? Those who are ready to go to another level in finance, stay tuned and get your notepads out.

Special Guest Pastor and Psalmist Rachel Wilson


In this episode of Holla At a Scholar, our special guest is none other than a First Lady, Pastor, wife and National Recording Artist Rachel Wilson from Greensboro, NC. This powerhouse, fired up woman of God is giving us tips on how to be a better you and how she is juggling all these titles all at the same time. Pastor Rachel is wife to Pastor Ronald Wilson, Head Pastor of Kingdom Vision Center where they have been leading their ministry for over 25 years. Give an ear to the drive and agility she has captured over the years that has made her a strong being today.